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If you see an item in a post that is of interest, you can contact me using the form at the bottom of any page on my website. The cost of a focal bead or vessel is typically $30-$40.

I have been working with glass for about 16 years. The technique I have learned is called lampwork. This involves heating glass rods in a mix of oxygen and propane delivered by a torch (the lamp).

I use a small Lynx torch with two oxygen concentrators and a propane tank. This is a small flame by glassworking standards, but is sufficient to make large beads, vessels and marbles. 

I work with soft glass (also know as Italian or Morano glass). This type of glass melts a bit easier, but you need to keep it evenly heated or it could shatter. It comes in more colors and can produce some great silver reactions. 

All my work is kiln annealed which is important to re-align the crystal structure of the glass for strength.

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