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Last Week’s Holiday Omens

Last week, pagans everywhere celebrated one of the four high holidays. It has different names depending on one’s hearth culture or tradition, but many know it as Beltane. It is the celebration of Mother Earth coming alive - the beginning of the growing season.

Since it fell on a Saturday, I did my usual hike and devotional right. Then later, I watch an online celebration in the standard ADF ritual format.

I pulled omens for each as follows.

Hare, Salmon and Stag. Intuition, wisdom and pride.

Boar, Goose and Hawk. Leadership, parenthood and loyalty.

I chose to interpret both of these as pertaining to the outcome of our pending adoption application for a puppy.

The first as an affirmation of the work we put into the adoption process and preparations.

The second as a roadmap for nurturing a loyal companion - strong leadership and providing for a puppy’s physical and emotional needs.

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